Ideal color for comfortable home

To avoid works in the bathroom, the architect painted the tiles with the Patativa color and
brought new air to the room, combining the color applied to the wall with the existing floor.
This solution is more economical and sustainable.
The toilet, however, was painted in the color that stands out throughout the project, the
Jardim Noturno. The shade of green is great for highlighting the environment and brings a
reference to nature. The same color was also chosen for the dining room. The decision helps to
define the environments well, excluding the need for eventual works.
The kitchen, on the other hand, gained the same color as the living room: Asphalt Gray. The
color fit the room like a glove and made a great duet with the center bench. The big difference
in this color is the highlight that accessories and paintings gain in the space.
Finally, the entrance hall of the house was also colored with a color that defines the residents’
personality: Poppy. The vibrant tone translates the affectionate nickname of the owners with
the place, known as the electric apartment. With the door, ceiling and walls painted in the
same color, the space is expanded and highlights a symbolic work of art.

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